Author: Penny Cooper

How to improve your small business marketing: 4 strategies you need to know

February 4, 2020 Off

Still today, quite an incredible number of business owners tend to make overly excessive investment in building so-called hi-tech websites and their business promotion endeavor is limited to just creating a wonderful business websites and creating a couple of social media profiles. Reaching out to the prospective buyers online and growing your business in the…

By Penny Cooper


August 5, 2019 Off

Many artists have been able to promote their music on SoundCloud while many other artists are still struggling to accomplish this feat. If you’re a fresh artist looking to expand your SoundCloud tracks and gain immense visibility for them, below are some tips for helping you out. Promote Your Music on Social Media Platforms Even…

By Penny Cooper

Amazon Fire Stick Vs. Google Chrome cast, Which one is better

June 1, 2019 Off

Introduction: Amazon Fire Stick is the streaming media player with a huge range in top brands. Customers are like and say about the amazon fire stick that returns are easy and hurry. Some types of that stick like computer accessories, games or toys and television or video etc. Google Chrome Cast is the streaming media…

By Penny Cooper