Emily Ratajkowski diet for women

Emily Ratajkowski diet for women

May 10, 2019 Off By Penny Cooper

Emily Ratajkowski is a great American model and an actress. She took her first step in modeling and worked with Ford models when she was only 14. Her completely naked picture in erotic magazine was her biggest breakthrough in 2012. After that her appearance in Robin Thickes song “blurred lines” made it number one song of the year.

Her fit and fine body with desirous curves, flat stomach and pure boldness has caught the world’s attention. And with this perfection she was ranked as the hottest woman in the world. Ratajkowski also works as an advocate in women’s health issues.

The Emily Ratajkowski Diet:

There is no doubt that Ratajkowski has one of the perfect bodies in the world. She doesn’t follow any strict diet and hectic gym plans but a unique diet philosophy which is very simple and disciplined.


Most mornings Ratajkwski usually orders black coffee and a pastry from her favorite shop “Blacktop Coffee”. A European pastry named as kouign-amann consist of carbs and butter. Other mornings, in alternates, she prefer granola, yogurt or something good with toast.


She prefer her midday meal with full of proteins. This includes usually salads or sandwiches. Ratajkowski is a huge meat lover. She says that this balances her energy and health. She usually eats the meal with a combo of vegetable juice or any fruit shake.


Ratajkowski is very conscious about the salt and sugar intake. When she cook dinner by herself at home she adds very controlled amount of salt and sugar in her food. Indian and Thai food is her favorite. She loves to eat at Italian restaurant Bestia, and a sushi from Little Tokyo’s Mako in dinner. 


Ratajkowski says that her biggest weakness is midnight snacks and desserts. She says that she usually crave for snacks and do satisfy her cravings. She prefers not to be hard on yourself, it’s better to treat your cravings once in a while.

How To Achieve Body like Emily:

Emily’s healthy diet is not so difficult to follow. Following her diet plan will help you lose some pounds and you will soon feel good about your shaped and healthy body. You just need to follows her tips strictly and honestly.

Never make deprivation your excuse. It is about how honestly and deliberately you put on your efforts and choices in your body. Take in protein by generously eating green vegetables. You should know how to balance between energy and health. It is important to listen to your cravings and satisfy them but once in a while. Gym is a good thing to do but if you don’t like to do gym like Emily, prefer doing exercise at home, go on walk, hike, and do yoga. It doesn’t matter how many times you workout a day or how strict your diet plan is. The only thing that matters is the consistency.