How to Run Your Own Instagram Audit and build a good profile

How to Run Your Own Instagram Audit and build a good profile

June 15, 2019 Off By Penny Cooper

Whether you are new to Instagram or using it for many years, you can run your own Instagram audit to build your profile and reach a whole new audience. Instagram audit let you to ensure that either your account is aligned with your goals or not. More than that, you can check that are you putting your efforts in the right direction to help your bottom line. Auditing your Instagram account is the best way to update your goals and reassess your approach. The more you work with a good approach, the more you get followers on Instagram even you can buy Instagram followers. Do you want to run tour own Instagram audit but don’t know where to start, don’t fret, this post is for you? Today, we will discuss how you can run an Instagram audit and build a better profile. Read On!

Branding and Voice:

Once you have enhanced your Instagram’s KPIs, you need to review your branding and voice. First, off you should be consistent and your account looks like your other social profiles. Whenever a user land on your profile, he/she should instantaneously get an idea of what are you offering and who you are? Your Instagram bio, Instagram handle, and other touchpoints should be on-board.

Content and Aesthetic:

If you truly gain more followers on Instagram, all you need to post good content and be consistent. But consistency doesn’t mean share the same content again and again. It means that tell the clear story to your fans what you are offering without clicking through a couple of posts.

Is your content relevant to your audience?

It is one of the most important questions when it comes to run the Instagram audit. No matter how great your post is or how fancy it is, if it is not relevant to your target audience, it wouldn’t help you to achieve ultimate goals. So it is vital that your content is relevant to your audience.

Are you sharing long-form video on Instagram TV?

Like Instagram Live, businesses are not leveraging IGTV, but it is a great platform to grow your fan base with buying Instagram followers and promote your brand or products.

Have you shared lived broadcasts through Instagram Live?

Instagram Live is the underused feature of Instagram but it is an amazing feature to drive engagement and followers. If you are also one of them who haven’t used it yet, consider creating a good Instagram Live plan for your business. A lot of businesses across the world are doing incredible things with their live Instagram broadcasts.

Have you created your own Instagram Stories AR effects?

Instagram Stories AR effects are setting off in this year and Instagram’s parent organization Facebook is opening Spark AR Studio to the whole world. It means you will be able to create your own AR effects for Stories on Instagram. Businesses are creating the buzz by creating AR effects for Instagram Stories that are not only highly sharable but also help them to gain tons of new followers without buying Instagram followers.